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Apostle Moses T. Bethune

Meet Apostle Moses T. Bethune, also known as "The Bull," to many in ministry; he’s a preacher’s preacher.

He is a husband, father, brother, papa, visionary, doctor, friend, and mentor in the gospel, and most importantly, he is on a mission to set those that are captive free.


Apostle Bethune strives to draw others closer to Christ by being a humanitarian, through authenticity, relatability, the infallible word of God, and by reminding all those that cross his path that there’s no past that’s too dark for God’s light. He continues to use his gifts to glorify God and strengthen God’s people.

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Apostle Moses T. Bethune was born on December 26, 1970, to James Elijah Bethune and Elderess Betty Bethune of Bridgeport, Connecticut. 

Apostle Bethune was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and received the Holy Ghost in July of 1989, under the leadership of the late Pastor Anna and Elder Joseph Smith of the MT Zion Pentecostal Apostolic Church in New Haven, CT, where he served in various ministerial capacities until the Lord called him to the office of pastor. The Lord has enabled him to execute the call placed upon him through love, faith, diligence, zeal, and longsuffering. 

In 1994, Apostle accepted the call to ministry and was ordained. In July 1996, he was ordained to the office of elder by Bishop Shelvis R. Green of the Greater Holy Tabernacle Churches worldwide, Bronx, NY, and in the same year, he accepted his first appointment as Senior Pastor of the Grace & Truth Apostolic Church Inc., which is now the New Destiny Tabernacle Church Inc. Four years later (two thousand), Apostle Bethune was installed as District Elder of the Greater Holy Tabernacle Churches Worldwide and presided over the CT, ME, MA, and RI Districts, where he served faithfully for five years. 

In 2005, God led Apostle Bethune back to his roots at the Pentecostal Assembly of the World—Connecticut District Council, where he served faithfully for 2 years until God led him and Apostle Eugene Anderson to establish the Judah Life Apostolic Churches, Inc. In June 2007.

 Apostle Bethune was consecrated to the office of bishop, under the leadership of Presiding Apostle Eugene Anderson of the Judah Life Apostolic Churches, Inc., of Albany, GA, and Bishop Winfred Hamlett of the Light House Apostolic Church, Hartford, CT. One year later, in July 2008, Apostle Bethune was consecrated to the office of apostle and installed as the assistant presiding apostle of Judah Life Apostolic Ministries, Inc., from 2008–2013, by the late Apostle William Manning, Apostle Marvin Smith, and Apostle Eugene Anderson of Judah Life Apostolic Churches, Inc., in Albany, GA. 

By the leading of the Lord, Apostle Bethune established the Greater Destiny Fellowship Churches in 2013, where he currently serves as Presiding Prelate. 

Among Apostle Bethune's many accomplishments he has served as Assist Presiding Apostle of Judah Life Apostolic Ministries and regional district elder of Greater Holy Tabernacle Churches, in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. 

He has also served as National Sunday School Superintendent, Pastoral Advisor, and Regional Apostle of the New England District of Judah Life Apostolic Ministries Inc., and as Senior Pastor of New Destiny Tabernacle Church, and Presiding Prelate of the Greater Destiny Fellowship Churches Inc. 

In addition to preaching the gospel, he is a skilled Levite. He currently holds a bachelor's degree in theology, which he received at the Christian Leadership Bible College in New Haven, CT, and a Doctor of Divinity from St. Thomas University in Jacksonville, FL. 

On November 10, 1989, Apostle Moses T. Bethune was blessed to marry his dream wife, Pastor Patricia A. Bethune. With this union, they have seven lovely daughters who love the Lord, and all play an intricate part in the ministry. God is continuing to use him in a peculiar way to raise up sons and daughters in ministry. 

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